Sunday 15 February 2015


For someone who all but repelled lipstick until about 2 years ago, I'm not so sure I could live without it these days. The past year or so I've been hopelessly obsessed with lip butter/crayon/jumbo pencils, whatever you wanna call them. They feel much easier and smoother to apply. I'm constantly drawn to them every time I'm in a drugstore. Was that too American?

I figured I'd stop being selfish and share my favourites with you lovely lot!

Topshop Lip Bullet - Back in the Game

This is my ultimate go to if I'm going out for the evening or perhaps for a meal. It's bright, bold and such a fun colour to wear. It's very hydrating on the lips despite the matte finish so it's a perfect all round lip crayon. To be fair, I'm quite partial to it at all times of the day! Unfortunately Topshop no longer stock this online but you may be able to pick it up in store. Don't fret though, I have another colour coming up that you may love just as much.
Collection Work The Colour Lip Butter - Perfect Plum

I found these on sale about 6 months or so ago and couldn't resist trying them for £2.99. They aren't matte nor are they glossy, they're a perfect combination which avoids your lips looking dry without creating too much of a shine. I would definitely recommend them for the cheap price tag. I  actually own 2 of the 4 colours whilst my mum owns the other two.
Collection Work The Colour Lip Butter - Cappucino

I adore nude lipstick but I really struggle to find the right shade.This one isn't perfect but it's a great shade to wear during the day, especially for work in my case as it's subtle but I still know my lips aren't colourless. Again, for the price tag it's a nice addition to the collection.

These Collection lip butters are really creamy with a dash of a glossy finish.
Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm - Rumour Has It

I'm pretty sure this was my first one, I found it in a reduced section of Tesco for around £1.50, I couldn't believe how cheap it was. Crazy because they still sell it now for £5.99! It's a lovely shade, I wear pink lips a lot but this is deeper and more or a pinky red which is always a winner if you're still too shy to have a bold red lip. It's rather hydrating so perfect all round.
Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm - Audacious

If there is one type of lip I love, it's a matte one. That velvety textured look is divine and my ultimate favourite (although not on days like today when my lips are dry and a little bit cracked. I bet this looked horrible on me!). Despite being matte, they are quite nourishing which I actually really enjoy, there's nothing worse than wearing a lipstick even for an hour and then suffering from dry lips the following day, (I'm fully blaming the Barry M red lipstick I wore last night for the poor state of my lips today). This is a little pricier at £7.99, but fully worth it. I couldn't resist it when Revlon had a 2 for £10 offer on, I coincidentally didn't have a orange lip colour so it was a win-win situation.

Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm - Showy

This was my other choice on that Revlon offer. If I could wear one lip pencil for the rest of my life, it would be this one without a doubt. I didn't think another colour would even hold a flame to my Topshop lip bullet, but this seriously overtook it. Whilst they are very similar colours, this is a little more subtle, not so loud but looks dreamy on. I find I can wear this day or night, in the day it's a little more subtle once I've dabbed my lips, but in the evening it's bold and vivacious and exciting! I cannot recommend this one enough.

What are your opinions on these? Are you a fan or are you a more glossy/lipstick type?
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SB xo
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