Thursday 12 February 2015


My perfume obsession started many years ago, growing up our house always spent wonderful, I loved my mum getting herself ready on a Saturday night because her perfume lingered.

At eleven years old I dragged my mum to, what felt like, every fragrance outlet in Orlando, possibly all of Florida. Turning twelve felt like a big deal, I'd decided that I wanted perfume and jeans for my birthday and I would stop at nothing to find the right scent to spritz myself with and a pair of jeans that I could wear to death. I did wear them to death. It's a good job really because I spent over two hours in the same Levis' store and I still wonder how my mum managed to keep all of her hair!
My perfume of choice back then was Paris Hilton, it was girly yet mature, and nearly ten years on it's something I still wear today. 

I really had to refrain from buying Taylor Swift's 'Taylor' perfume the other day, how did I resist a 100ml bottle for £12.99?!

Last year I spent just over 2 months working in a fragrance shop, on my own, so I had time to test what we sold and fell in love with a range of scents. I spent every day focusing on different products, finding the right scent for the customers and lusting over many things I tried not to buy.

Two of my favourites things in life are perfume and One Direction. Isn't it wonderful when your faves merge? Truth be told, they are actually all gorgeous scents, Our Moment is something I wear every day, although that may have a lot to do with the fact I have five bottles of it! Oops. That's without the two bottles of That Moment and two bottles of You & I.
Miss Dior is my most expensive perfume, a beautiful 21st birthday present that sits on my shelf waiting to be used on very special occasions. Divine.
Of course I have the You & I promo card on my shelf!

The other fragrances shown on my shelf include Katy Perry, Beckham, Anna Sui, Next, Lady Gaga, Ghost (absolute fave!), Calvin Klein, Beyonce, Marks & Spencer. (Most were purchased testers fromt the shop).

 Honestly contemplating treating myself to Marc Jacobs' 'Daisy Dream' when I'm at the airport in May!

What is your perfume of choice? Do you use any of the ones above?

SB xo
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  1. I have Our Moment and You and I but I definitely like Our Moment the best to be honest.

    Saan x


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