Tuesday 4 February 2014


I remember watching Revenge for the first time on E4 and being hooked from the offset. Each week my mum and I sat in front of the telly with our dinner and watched a healthy dose of a girl seeking revenge on those who framed and killed her father based on a crime he did not commit. We were hooked.

I also remember being enticed by the cool British girl with the gorgeous style and real accent. It's not often Brit's get to play themselves on US shows. Take Joshua Bowman for example, who plays Daniel Grayson on the same show as Ashley. A true Brit (one I crushed on all those years ago when he played the cute patient Scott on Holby City) who plays an all-american, troubled rich boy.

Anway. Ashley Madekwe not only appears flawless on the show (save for the moments where you were so sure she was conspiring against her friend Emily), her style and beauty are amplified outside of the ABC programmes as well. 

Once I found her blog, I was truly in awe (and may have developed a small girl!crush on the actress/style icon) and I couldn't tear myself away from it.

Take a look at the compilation of images I have sourced below.
This chic ensemble is without a doubt one of my favourite outfits of hers, it's absolutely stunning and feminine. It's a nice change from what we usually see Ashley wear, a stark contrast from her mostly black and red attire.

I love the amount of Topshop clothing she wears, she may throw the odd piece in with a pair of YSL heels and I think that's fantastic. There is nothing better than mixing high end and high street fashion, especially when you have the power that Ashley does with her strong following. 

I may also be slightly in love with the amount of times we see her wearing heels. I really wish it was acceptable for me to live in them.

Check out Ashley's blog here: Ashley-ringmybell

Stay amazing xox
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