Friday 3 January 2014


Virtually every store I walk into, I pull something off the rail and gush about how cute it is or how I'd quite like it but when selecting my wishlist, I either forget everything, realise it's not really all that interesting or OH MY GOD THAT IS SO HORRIBLY EXPENSIVE. I can't seem to find a solid selection of items that I deem my 'must-haves' but I feel that below I formed a pretty accurate range of products that I am simply lusting over right now. 

This is what I call my 'reasonably priced' wishlist, because everything on there is within my price range, or something I wouldn't mind spending that money on. everything is under £100. 

The first item is the 'Célfie' sweater, Julie Sariñana's (Sincerely, Jules) humourous and modern take on the Céline logo. I adore this sweater, but currently I'm trying to justify the £60+ price tag!

The tartan skirt has been on sale in New Look for a few months now and is very reasonably priced for £17.99. I think this will be a buy very soon.

The first pair of shoes are a pointed, flat pair of cut out black shoes with a standout white sole from Zara. Currently in the sale!

As we all know, slip on plimsolls are no longer just a skater fashion, but also a common occurrence on the feet of fashionistas around the globe. These quilted pair are an absolute steal for £19.99 at H&M.

It was love at first sight between these tartan trousers and I, River Island have really been on point right now, and these trousers are no exception.

If you mix a pale pink coat and a full black faux fur collar, you have yourself a winner. It's a little pricey for £80, but for a winter coat, we can justify it surely? Check River Island for this beauty.

Back in the middle of 2013, Zara's Office City Bag was a major hit with virtually every style blogger (myself included despite being too darn stubborn to buy it!), unfortunately it sold out super quick. But fear not, if you failed to get your mitts on one, then Zara have released a newer version for £59.99. 

Fujifilm's Instax (the new Polaroid) is an absolute favourite of mine (and everyone else it would appear), it's neat, compact and a lot cheaper to operate than an actual Polaroid. You can pick this up for around £79.99 (with film) or cheaper on eBay.

2013 saw me finally embracing lipstick, and seeing as I own 2 of the four Little Mix lipstick (check Collection's range), I just have to buy the other two.

After being the face of Rimmel for what feels like the whole of eternity, Kate Moss finally released a lipstick range and number 107 does not disappoint. It's a beautiful deep pink/red shade and a must have.

I adore the Little Mix range, okay? I already own 4 pieces and I feel that Perrie's glitter eyeliner will work wonders with her eye shadow pallet.

The last item I chose was an item I found on Polyvore. I love love love round frame sunglasses and in tortoise shell? I can't resist. River Island, £14!

What items are you desperate for right now?

Stay amazing xox
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  1. Nice collection- I really want the Celfie sweater as well! I'm thinking of trying to make my own... but those quilted shoes are very affordable... thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Good idea! I want to make some of my own apparel inspired by things I've seen, I'm just not sure if somethings, like the 'Célfie' logo would be copyrighted now it's been printed? We could probably still do it though.

      They're lovely shoes aren't they? I definitely need to get my hands on a pair. xox


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