Tuesday 31 December 2013


If I were to choose my favourite style blogger, I would have to pick Danielle Bernstein without a shadow of a doubt. I’m pretty sure that the first time I saw a photograph of her (on Tumblr), I was in awe of her divine yet simplistic view on fashion, those stunning Miu Miu shoes that she dons more often than I wear Topshop shoes and of course, her love for monochrome.

Sometimes I can’t pinpoint an exact reason what it is that I love so much about the WeWoreWhat blogger, maybe it’s the way she carries herself or the way some outfits are simple enough for a normal day but hold a certain sense of originality that sets her aside from your average fashion lover that you may come across.

I think perhaps, that her budding friendship with week one’s TT (Eleanor), has helped my love for her and found someone else to inspire me with my blog and fashion itself.

Perhaps I’m simply in awe of her NYC lifestyle and how truly thrilling her experiences have been for someone so early in her twenties. She’s hard working and done so well for someone of twenty-one. It might just put a few of us to shame.

Maybe I’m just a little bit obsessed with her extensive sunglasses collection.

Regardless, take a look at just a small collection of my favourite outfits Ms Bernstein has presented to us over the past couple of years.
I was really debating when I wanted to post Danielle's feature seeing as she is such an inspiration to me, and after this year it only seemed fitting that I posted it on the eve of a new year. 

Thank you Danielle.

You can check out her blog at WeWoreWhat.

Who are your fashion inspirations? Are you a fan of DB too?

Happy New Year!

Stay amazing xox

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