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It's no secret that 2013 has been my fashion year of all years. Why? Because I found a passion within it this year (and spent most of my hard earned cash on my fave pieces). From buying the Topshop shoes Eleanor Calder wore at the Topshop Unique A/W13 show, to the cute Zara skort every fashion blogger from here to Timbuktu fawned over profusely, I thought I should show you the items I simply could have not lived without this year. (Sadly some pieces didn't make the cute, or rather they did but the good old 'net didn't harbour any images for such things).

1. Alexy Platform Boots - Topshop - £75
2. Katz Cut Out Shoes - Topshop - £78
3. Ankle Combination Track Boots - Zara - £59.99
4. Accent Boots - Topshop - £40
5. Textured Satchel - H&M - £14.99
6. Black Skort - Zara - £25.99
7. High Waisted Shorts - Topshop - £15
8. Fleece Collar Black Jacket - H&M - £20
9. Denim MOTO Jacket - Topshop - £45
10. Mesh Stripe Crop Top - Topshop - £18
11. Amelie Skinny Jeans - River Island - £15
12. B&W Vertical Striped Jeans - Forever 21 - £18.99

1. Originally I went into Topshop to try (and purchase) the Katz shoes because I was simply lusting over them but then my nana told me she wasn't keen on them on me (which devastated me to no end) and I was craving new footwear so I bought these boots because they were the other pair I had wanted at the time. I was initially unsure if I wanted to keep them but as the year passed by, I have worn them so much more than I anticipated. Last week alone I wore them 5 times! Definitely worth the price and still comfortable. Topshop still stock them so you should check them out!

2. Nearly every style blogger I have encountered this year either owns these shoes are in desperate need of them and it's not hard to tell why. I first saw them on Eleanor Calder (girlfriend of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson) for the Topshop show back in January and I was in love instantly.  They were nothing like anything I have ever purchased or worn before, sure they were expensive and it took a great debate to buy them but suddenly I said buy them! And not once have I regretted the decision. I have seriously worn them countless times, they are simply my go-to shoes and can class up any outfit. I have no qualms about wearing them on a night out. I cannot rave about these shoes enough. And with the release of the Katz2, you can now purchase them at a reduced price of £52!

3. About 6 hours after seeing these boots online (and finishing work), I had purchased these and was eagerly anticipating receiving them. A few girls I follow on Tumblr were simply gushing over how wonderful and versatile they are. So I tallied up that I would have earned the ticket price within that working day and with that night's babysitting money, therefore I saw no reason not to buy them. My only issue is that they run a little big, I bought a UK size 6 and they were too big for my size 6 feet. I could have really benefitted more from a 5 but I was too desperate to wear them so I've had to stick out big boots now. A great purchase though. I wear them SO much!

4. Boy oh boy. I remember the first time I saw these boots, I simply fell in love. I'm not sure what city I was in but I saw the navy blue velvet pair which were simply stunning. I wanted the boots so bad but I knew I wouldn't have worn them nearly enough for the original £85 price tag attached to it. So I waited it out a while, eventually forgetting about my mini obsession of seeking them out in every Topshop I visited (which was a lot)Then in April, TS's big sale was released online, and those boots were sat there waiting for me to buy them. The black and navy pairs were a little higher in price, but the oxblood ones were £40 and they were in my basket within seconds. I ended up keeping the smaller size of 5 although they are a little tight. I have worn them umpteen times, the toes are literally discoloured and worn from use but they owe me nothing at this stage.

5. This is another on of those 'style blogger favourites'. Mulberry bags are way way way out of most of our budget ranges so we were all truly thrilled at H&M creating a similar Effie satchel for just £14.99! I couldn't choose between colours so I bought both the black and cream ones. Oops.

6. Wait for it, this is another one of those 'style blogger favourites'! I tried to resist buying this, I really did, but the more I saw my friends online wearing it, the more in love I fell. To make up for the fact I didn't think I would wear it all that much, I've been wearing it whenever I can. The best thing about it is that you can wear it casually with tights and converse, or you can wear it barelegged with heels. I wanted the cream one too but managed to resist.

7. I had been after some high waisted shorts for ages but I couldn't find any that had that perfect fit so I purchased a pair I saw in the Topshop sale. It didn't register that I had bought them in the Tall section and I'm more Petite but I'm super thankful I didn't that because they were hotpants so by being in Tall they were longer. I wore them a lot during summer and there were definitely a saving grace.

8. Another sale item! A fair few people on Tumblr purchased this and I admit, I loved it but I was too stubborn to buy a winter coat even at £35. But then it went in the sale for £20 and I just HAD to have it. I love it and it's super comfortable and cosy.

9. I've been wanting a denim jacket for some time and I had to try this one on as soon as I saw it. I was slightly unsure at first but my mum is a bad influence and before I knew it, I was walking out of the shop with a new jacket. And I'm glad she talked me into it because it's been a constant attachment to my body for the past few months. I love love love it!

10. This is another Eleanor Calder influence buy that drew me in the moment I saw it. I didn't know how to feel about £18 for a crop top, but it's gorgeous and a little bit different. I love to wear it with my black playsuit and cord pinafore.

11. I bought these back in April when I was starting to build up my wardrobe again, and at £15 for a pair of skinny ripped jeans, they were too good to pass up. I ended up with two pairs. They have been worn time and time again and I never tire of them. They are some of the best things I have ever bought. Ever.

12.  These jeans are super super comfy and a bit quirky to give your outfit a different dynamic. I didn't wear them very much at the beginning and I almost listed them on eBay, but thankfully I reneged. It's almost a crime that they were so cheap!

13. MOTO PVC Heart Back Jacket - Topshop - £20
14. MOTO Contrast Knee Jamie Jeans - £20
15. Short Sleeve Panel Shirt - Topshop - £15
16. Vogue Fashion's Night Out T-shirt - Topshop - £18
17. Bayswater Bag - Mulberry - £28
18. Converse - £38
19. Gesture Heels - Topshop - £35
20. Black Roll Neck Crop Top  -Topshop - £5

13. I just fell in love with this jacket the moment I saw it online but it was a little pricey for a jacket when there were things I wanted/needed more. But when my mum found one in Manchester in the sale, she made me try it on (despite it being a size smaller than myself) and it fit like a glove. Do you ever feel like things were meant for you? I'm pretty sure this jacket is proof of that. Since then I've worn it to death and it's still in perfect condition.

14. These jeans were just a try piece, I needed some jeans (that weren't black) and these were cute and cheap enough in the sale. I have never found a pair of jeans that fit as perfectly as these do. Fact: my mum owns a pair too. We have good taste.

15. Every girl needs a cute and versatile blouse in their wardrobe, I am absolutely no exception to this rule. I actually bought it when it was full price and returned it, so finding it in the sale was a perk. You can literally wear it with anything. 

16. My dearly beloved Vogue shirt. Back in October, Manchester hosted Vogue Fashion's Night Out and I kept trying to talk myself out of buying this shirt because it's V-neck (I never wear v-necks) and it was just another t-shirt. But I had to grab one, I left the store and returned and picked it up with some lipstick. And I proved myself wrong because I have worn it a lot since (I'm wearing it right now).

17. MULBERRY. Okay, so it's not real but it's as near as damn it. I bought this in Turkey in a little market stall, I paid a bit extra for a really good copy and the brass plate with the lock on even has a little tree on it. The lining is tree printed too. For a copy, the production of it is fantastic.

18. I've been wanting some of these for ages but I didn't know how much I would wear them, so I purchased a pair in Turkey to trial and after wearing them to death (they are wrecked), I bought myself a pair and I love them. Definitely a must have in everyone's wardrobe.

19. Aren't these heels the most beautiful thing ever? I fell in love with them after I saw them on my good friend Carré and the second they hit the sale, I snapped them up and refused to let them go. They aren't the comfiest things ever and I do not recommend being on your feet all night whilst wearing them but they are simply divine.

20. I have worn this crop so much, I'm not sure of it's a tall or not (probably because it's quite long), but that extra length means I can wear it with a pair of jeans for a shopping day or with a skort on a night out. It's versatile and neat and classy. A great addition to my wardrobe. 

So these are the top 20 items of the year, minus jewellery obviously. I can't wait for next year to start (and those damn christmas sales!) so I can spoil myself all over again and I may actually bring some colour into my life!

What are your favourite items of 2013?

Stay amazing xox.
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