Tuesday 1 June 2021


I honestly thought my love for podcasts would be a short-lived affair, why I do not know, but my oh my am I glad it wasn't! I honestly don't know how I'd pass the time on commutes to and from work, on my lunch breaks, mornings on my days off, or the days I work alone. It's like having company without having to actually make conversation. WINNER.

There's been a few lately that I just can't stop listening to, some are old favourites, some are new ones that I can't stop obsessing over, so let's stop the chit-chat and get to it.

My Favorite Murder

The novelty still hasn't worn off with this show, and it's a firm go-to on the day when I need a whole load of murder mixed with a heap of comedy. It's hysterical, devastating and so beyond binge-worthy, I can polish off a good four or five 1.5 hours episodes throughout a solo work day! With over 200 episodes (not to mention all the mini-episodes, or minisodes) there's plenty to binge on.

Jensen & Holes: The Murder Squad

Another hit from the Exactly Right network (the same as MFM), The Murder Squad brings together the crime junkies and web sleuths to help source further info for previous cases to aid in finding killers or naming victims. Billy Jensen and Paul Holes (investigative and former cold-case investigator, respectively) host The Murder Squad for a weekly community gathering. 

They speak to established law enforcement officers, citizens who have studied certain cases for numerous years, web sleuths, victims families, and many more, to help build a bigger picture and shed light on the ares of missing information. It's such a responsive and immersive podcast that constantly has you thinking and feeling. Who knows, maybe one day you or I will be helping piece together the information they need for a cold-case /mystery.

Girlboss Radio

If I'm in a creative slump or find myself craving a little bit of motivation to keep me creating, working, invested in my future - and the world around me - a good forty-five minutes with Sophia Amoruso, and whatever wonderful guest she has on the episode, is enough to get me scribbling in my notebook and my brain ticking over. She speaks to some fascinating 'girl bosses' from actresses, models and photographers, to activists and CEO's, all inspiring and motivational women who tell their stories from where they started and how they reached their current career position. If there's ever a collection of stories to help you get on track, this podcast is one of the major go-to's!

The Travel Diaries

Holly Rubenstein, podcast host and journalist, sits down for a chat with a diverse range of individuals to discuss and devour their favourite travel memories, the places they'd return to time and time again - and the places they'd avoid - and where they intend to go next. You'll find her speaking to the likes of Poppy Delevingne, Fred Sirieix, Hugh Bonneville, Melinda Stevens, Tom Kerridge and so many more. This is the podcast that gives me all the wanderlust yet keep the dreaming at bay until I can hop on a place again one day.

Obsessed with Line of Duty

Okay, so it seems I did take the podcast title extremely seriously and did, in fact, become totally obsessed with LOD. After venturing into a re-watch of all six series prior to that finale, I found myself searching for everything to consume that related to LOD, so when I found this BBC Sounds gem, I was hooked from the first episode. 

Admittedly, I listened in an odd order (naturally I listened to the most recent series first...), but I was hooked as soon as I hear Craig Parkinson's (the shows very own Matthew 'Dot' Cottan) hilarious episode recaps and intros, and a quick scan of the guests he has on the show had me so invested. 

This series had the likes of LOD superfans Sarah Millican, Sanjeev Bhaskar and Jessie Caves, along with little phone chats to the shows stars Martin Compston, Vicky McClure, Neil Morrissey, Anna Maxwell Martin *breathe for air, Sam* and Jed Mercurio! And if that wasn't enough, the previous series didn't scrimp on the hilarity either and the hosts spoke to May Sondhi and bloody Adrian Dunbar himself!

Other current faves are; Getting Curious (with Jonathan Van Ness) and Table Manners (with Jessie Ware)

And if that wasn't enough, I've popped up a Spotify playlist of just a selection of my fave episodes from across the above shows. Go and have a listen, you know you want to.

Phew! That was a long one, but what a good 'un, there's some real gems in that list. 

Are you as obsessed with podcasts as I am, or have you not listened to one yet? What are your current binge-listen shows? Leave all the answers in the comments below!

S xo

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  1. These sound lovely! Thank you for sharing x

    1. Thank you for your comment and for reading! :)

      Sam xo


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