Thursday 15 April 2021


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There's always that feeling I get when I buy new things. On the off-chance it doesn't immediately get put into a to-return pile - if it's something I'm really liking or loving on me - I start over-analysing how much I'm going to wear it, is it worth the money, can I justify it, is it a trend I'm buying into just because I think I should? The amount of stuff I return is mortifying, but how do you know unless you try it?

With that being said, I have managed to keep a few items I've purchased recently, and let me tell you - I'm ridiculously excited that I made a decision for once (or a whole FIVE times).

The items I've got on rotation at the moment are these little beauties - some were sale items, but I've linked a few similars too incase they're sold out.

The shoes of my dreams. I'm swooning just *thinking* about them. I wholeheartedly blame Leonie Hanne or making me desire the shape of these, and as soon as I saw them, they went straight into my basket. The amount of times I try these on - just because - is ridiculous, I can't wait to give them a proper outing, I just hope I can actually walk in them outside of my bedroom, ha! Now I just need to talk myself out of the lilac ones...
It's been a solid four years since my last MAC lippy purchase, and as much as I love them, it constantly comes back to can I justify it when I don't wear lipstick all that much? I'm so glad I didn't listen to myself that time and bought this, because it's my new fave. The colour is gorgeous and I think it actually really suits me (who'd have thought I'd pay myself a compliment, eh?). I think it may be time to work my way through my extensive lipstick wish list.

The first time I wore this, my mum said to me, “Should I start calling you Notorious BIG now?”. I can't say it impressed me greatly, but I really love what it adds to any outfit. I put it bag in the box to be returned about four times, until I countered with myself that with the discount I received on it, it was less than £5, so if I wore it just a couple of times, it'd be worth it. And although it's a piece that put me out of my comfort zone a little bit, I'm definitely embracing it!
I can't believe I was lucky enough to pick both of these up in the M&S sale for just £11.50 each. I fully intended to keep just the one, but at that price, wouldn't it just be rude to part with one of them? They're the perfect light jacket to throw on on a warmer spring day, or layered with a long sleeved tee or light jumper for those chillier days. All I can say is #obsessed.

Alternatives; Dr Denim //  Marks & Spencer

Despite only having this a few months, if I were to estimate my cost per wear with this item, I'm pretty sure this has paid or itself tenfold already. It's the most perfect bag for even those yoga pants and hoodie days, there's the perfect amount of space with a few compartments, and goes well with just about any outfit. Topshop really nailed it with this bag, and thankfully ASOS have restocked it - so for under £30, it's a bargain!

I'd love to know what items you guys are loving at the moment, so let me know in the comments or link me on social media!

S xo

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