Tuesday 10 September 2019


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It’s beginning to feel like a lifetime ago since I last visited NYC, when in reality it was only 3 months ago. I’ve over talking about how fast time is going. The majority of the 8-day trip was spent revisiting all the main places, tourist hotspots, Times Square about 12 times and even deep, deep Brooklyn to show my New York first timer mum. There were a few new sights thrown in that I hadn’t done before, but there’s still a bunch more to do so I’m just gonna have to go again, aren’t I?

One of the major things I got to tick off my NY bucket list this time though was the Brooklyn Bridge, something I’ve wanted to walk across for gosh knows how many years. Let’s not forget
that iconic street in DUMBO (a tonne of photographic evidence below because why not?). It’s pretty busy on the bridge but we crossed there at midday so earlier in the morning or later at night might be the best bet if you’re after some photos. Clearly, I wasn’t fussed. The corner of Water Street & Washington Street is where you’ll find that iconic, and highly Instagramm-able, hotspot with the Manhattan Bridge ready to photobomb you, it’s always heaving though so unless you get there for sunrise, you’re gonna be fighting off people so take it with a grain of salt and don’t stress about too many people in the background of your shot.

Later on we just wandered the streets of Brooklyn with no destination in mind, it was so calm, and relaxing. A far cry from the busy and crowded streets of the city just over the bridge. Finding out the next day that Sebastian Stan had been spotted by fan in Brooklyn the same day was a real kick in the teeth though.

If you're in Times Square, and love theatre like I do, there's a little Broadway van selling stickers, tickets and all sorts of bits and bobs with a bit light up sign beside it (see below) which is well worth checking out.

Last time I visited the city I made extensive posts about it and talked in great length about my experiences, so this time I’ll spare you. Just know, I had a tonne of fun.


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