Thursday 9 March 2017


It's time to get deep. 

The moment I started a blog, I was in love. I've always been a writer, from a young age, writing stories, keeping a diary (okay, that's been more miss than hit over the years), letter writing and using words to be creative. It's the enjoyment of language.

But the biggest fear I've always had is, not only losing faith in my blog, but losing interest in it too. No one should feel that their self-built creative platform has become a chore. You especially shouldn't prefer to do a mountain of ironing instead of sitting down and typing away your thoughts. 

Sadly, this is where I'm currently at. 
The thing about blogging is this; when you have a successful post, you feel on top of the world. You've created something others can engage with, something they can share on their own platforms and raise wide-spread awareness for something you have created. There's this overwhelming buzz.

Then there's the flip side to that, the one where the post you worked so hard on has flopped - you were so sure it would be a hit -  and suddenly you feel like you lost the battle and that nothing you say has any importance or relevance to your audience. You can't help but feel like you've failed, no matter how much you tell yourself that that post was written for you and you were so proud to hit publish. 

The biggest obstacle I personally have is forever wanting to share my outfits, and fashion with you because that was the original premise of this blog, but not having anyone to take those pictures for me makes me feel horribly frustrated. Bedroom mirror shots can be cute for Instagram, but it doesn't really work in the blogging world anymore.

Blogging becomes the biggest chore when you feel like you've fallen down a well and you're drowning, you're battling to swim to the surface with each new post, but they're becoming less frequent and suddenly you start to question why you're even bothering. 

Does it matter if I let this go?
There have been multiple times over the past year or so where I've honestly come so close to logging out of Blogger and leaving this all behind, something I've spent countless hours, days, months working on and forgetting about it all together. 

But I don't want to. It's as simple as that. I really don't enjoy that feeling of failure, I hate to be a quitter and quite frankly, if I leave my blog what will I have left?

I've read countless posts and tweets over time that state the blogger felt so refreshed and inspired after taking a short blog break, and really if that's how your time away made you feel then that's wonderful. But that's not how it made me feel and don't think that because it worked for others that it will definitely work for you too. One blog break for me lead to two, and three, and four until eventually I didn't even feel like a blogger anymore. I was just someone who used to write a few posts, post a few pictures and I've never felt so disheartened in my life.

It's great to take a step back and re-evaluate your content, make sure you're heading in the right direction, but don't stay away too long because it's so much more difficult to find your way back.

I've just read a really helpful post by Victoria from Inthefrow about finding inspiration and helping you get your blogging mojo back. And I honestly think it's about time we really took these tips on board and acted on them.
After this week, once my deadlines are out the way, I'm going to take my camera into the city and start filling my memory card, I'll spend a whole day wandering and when I return home I'll go through all of my pictures to see what is post-worthy and what passed the time. It may inspire me, it may not, but even so it will have got me off my ass and outside exploring Cardiff. If I have to go back and re-shoot then so be it, in fact that's great because I'm more likely to find something I previously missed which will spark some more ideas.

Why not give it a go yourself? We all live such busy lives, and as much as we'd love to spend every day off lying in bed and immersing ourselves in a new tv show, how terrible do you feel at the end of the day when you realised that you essentially wasted it? That's not to say you shouldn't have down time, because you absolutely should, but use some of your free days to be productive and find your passion again.

That's what I intend to do.

For those of you who are bloggers, how are you feeling about the community and your own blog at the moment? How do you overcome this feeling? Please leave comments below because I'm really interested in hearing your thoughts.

S xo
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  1. I absolutely adore your blog and I'm so glad that you are keeping it going. I've had two main blogs personally and I am always so passionate about it out first and have so much content wise ideas - but struggle with mild dyslexia so the process of writing a post takes me forever. I've always wanted a joint blog with some one(s) but that doesn't seem to be a thing so..
    It sucks that you haven't got anyone to take your photos for you, I personally struggle with people in my life knowing about my blog, if there was a way to keep it completely anonymous or again with other people I would love it, as I don't really have any friends I would love to meet some through the blogging world but I'm too shy.

    Anyways, away from my ramble I really love your blog and content and really want you to keep going!!

    1. Oh Rhianne, this is the most wonderful comment I've received, thank you so much.

      I really hope you find someone that will blog share with you, it's seems to be more common now and it would be great for you to be able to do what you enjoy but have the support of someone else to join you. your collaboration may help you build some confidence to not mind others knowing about your blogging too.

      Thank you again sugar, and I hope to see you blogging in the near future! xo

    2. You've got a wonderful blog and I wish you every success with it going in to the future, and thank you for responding :)

      Oh is it a common thing now? I've always been on the look out for 'ads' I guess for use of a better word but can never seem to find any.. Confidence is definitely something that I have lacking in spades haha! I hope blogging is in my future, especially with uni coming to an end and moving back to my smaller Northern town - I could really do with something haha!

  2. I absolutely hear you, lovely. I've kickstarted blogging again after so many other failed attempts and so many times losing interest - hoping that this time, I've figured out my niche and I actually keep it up on at least a weekly basis!

    I actually read a book called Blogging for Writers - there's a whole series, so there could be one for you out there! - and that really gave me a boost. I was actually doing more right with my old blogs than I realised, which was quite nice to know! Plus it was full of tips and tricks that's specific to my personal blogging goals, which involve me getting my name out there, refining my craft, and writing about what actually interests me.

    I do wish you so much luck, light, and love in keeping at this, but remember that there's no shame in stepping back and moving on either. It's clear how much love (and work!) you've put into this project, but always be sure you're not staying with something out of guilt, but out of that same love you put in.

    Looking forward to many more posts - and I hope uni is going well!
    Jodie xx

    1. My darling Jodie!

      Please do send me your link because I'd love to keep up with you more and see what you're producing.

      I haven't heard of that book, or the series, but it's something I will definitely have to check out. Thank you for pointing that out and I'm glad it's really helping you.

      I feel so much more confident about my blog and I feel I have cleared my head a little bit. I have faith in it for the first time in over a year. Let's hope this feeling continues!

      Uni is going swell, I hope life is treating you well xo

  3. Hi hun, this was a great post to read. I've just started a new blog - I had a Blogger account but it looked horrible and I didn't feel good about it Everytime I posted something. Anyway safe to say I've got a wordpress and I'm feeling a bit more positive about it! Hope you've got past the lul, I love your latest post on the Broadway shows you went to! Let's connect - @littleowlloves is my IG and is my new blog, let me know what you think (if you have time) thanks sugar x

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