Friday 3 March 2017


Happy Fri-yayyyyy! I cannot believe it's taken this long to bash out a new post, but alas it did so imma move on and forget about my super busy week this week.

This is the fourth NYC-filled post (I promise, there's only 2 left) and I'm getting high for this one. No drugs, obvs. Bad move.

I mean, I'm getting high in the sky with the Empire State Building & the Rockefeller Center because holy moly, that was some stomach-lurching business.

We took the ascent up the Empire State on the morning of the most glorious day of the trip (seriously the busiest day ever, how was it even real?!) and the view was unreal. I honestly thought that nothing could top the view from the Eiffel Tower, but it's in some serious competition.

I'd really rather forget the near death experience via falling ice though. A January trip might be in my 'not recommended' list.

Our last night we took the trip up the Rockefeller Center tower (I know that everyone normally does this during the day) and I've never seen such a breathtaking view as NYC at night. The bright lights, the Empire State lit up and the world moving by. I'm seriously contemplating doing that every trip I ever take to the city.
Tips / Recommendations

1. Travel to the top of BOTH
Normally I wouldn't have done either of these trips, or maybe I would have done only one, but seeing as I've had the experience of both, I think everyone should. See one by day and one by night. Viewing New York from both perspectives is stunning and 100% recommended.

2. Take an extra layer - or FIVE
It was damn cold up there, and I can only assume that it would be nippy up there regardless of the season due to the high altitude. I had on a long sleeved top, a sweater, a cardigan and my coat. Basically I still couldn't feel my face. So pack a few more layers for that. And DON'T leave your scarf at the hotel like I did.

3. Buy tickets before arriving
Luckily we purchased our tickets at the hotel because the queues were craaaaaaazy. Definitely wise to purchase beforehand otherwise you'll waste the day away just waiting for your little piece of paper.

4. Enjoy the view
It'll blow you away, and not just the mad gales up there.
 I'm off to drink my 5th/6th cup of tea and fall asleep watching Life as We Know It because it's Chloe's birthday tomorrow and we're gonna partaaaay!

S xo
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  1. Oh my god. These photos are incredible! I am dying to go to NY and you're making me so jealous with all these fabulous posts.

    Rachael xo //

    1. Thank you so much Rachael! I'm sorry for provoking all the jealousy but I know you'll visit at some point! And then you can make me jealous hahah xo


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