Tuesday 15 March 2016


With Fashion Week A/W16 over the globe coming to it's end, I'm ready to talk about one of my personal favourite bloggers who nails every FW look and continues to amaze and inspire me. Aimee Song, Song of Style, has been on my radar (and Instagram feed) for a couple of years now with her exciting ensembles, enviable jetsetting lifestyle and collection of bags that make me cry. Please take that quite literally. I can get emotional.

There's no telling what trend you'll see her sporting from one day to the next but she treats everything with a feminine twist and doesn't ever leave her elegance at home. Often spotted on street style posts and sites with her sister Dani, the pair make the strongest fashion duo on the scene.

Every image of her outfits makes a trend seem new and fresh, reinvented and experimental, there's no surprise she dominates everyone's favourite blogger list.

See below for a range of my favourite Aimee outfits.

SB xo
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