Thursday 17 March 2016


Finding a product that really works for you can often be a real challenge, you're pounds out of pocket and you're still no closer to revealing the ultimate essential that you've been searching for for months.

With winter comes dry skin, although my face still mostly feels like you could fry eggs on it, my hands are rough and my knuckles crack is super painful way. Sadly I've had really dry hands for years, albeit they don't often get as bad as they have been the past 2 weeks, so the search for a really decent hand cream has been a continuous venture but I've finally found the answer to all my prayers! - or at least my hands.

I always use Soap & Glory's Hand Food, my hands literally eat that stuff up but lately it's not been doing the trick, neither have various other creams in my cupboard - including industrial-strength-pharmacy-counter tubs of what feels like lard - but my mum mentioned Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula creams and said that they work a treat for really dry skin.

The upside to working for an online pharmacy is being able to order certain products online and receiving it the same day, so as soon as I hear about it, I can home the next day with softer skin and a new tube of miracle cream. Yes, I'm deeming it a miracle.

After one application my hands felt so much better, the pain was waaay milder and my little scratchy hands were no longer catching on my duvet cover - hurraaaaaaah!

It's been a few days of using it now and my hands feel so much clearer, I'm so bloomin' happy that I've found this range works for me, and at only around £3-£4, I want to recommend it to absolutely everyone.
Before using the cream.
Aaaaaand after.
I'm one happy camper right now.

SB xo
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