Tuesday 10 November 2015


Jessica Alba is quite the dark horse in the fashion world - to me at least. I'd always known the Western beauty for her acting abilities, what I wasn't aware of until scribbling down notes for this piece, is that Jessica Alba also lends her talents to the modeling world and is also a keen businesswoman as well as being a mum of two. Oh, did I also mention that she's an ultra style icon? Surely all of this makes her close to Beyoncé status.

First of all, anyone who can look flawless in a simple pair of denim jeans deserves a medal, whilst they can be styled which way, Jessica seems to bring the chicest of styling when hitting the streets. Midi skirts fill me with glee, I'll admit that I tend to look terrible in them because of my short height, but Ms Alba flounces so gracefully and looks beautiful by teaming them with strappy heeled sandals.

Her style is captivating whilst still remaining simple and her ensembles seem effortless. 

Jessica appears to be the chicest businesswoman, fit for the boardroom but also ready for after hours drinks with a helping hand from a trust leather jacket. She appears to live for her heeled, platformed and flat sandals and she looks as killer in jeans as she does is the most form fitting dress or floral two-piece.

I'm pretty sure I've never been so riddled with hat envy as I am with this lady.

However, the most beautiful piece she wears is that bright sunshine smile, now that's the most versatile thing she could ever wear.

SB xo

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