Tuesday 2 June 2015


If I were to name my ultimate 90's babe there's no doubt that I'd say Jennifer Aniston, because let's be honest, she's the ultimate babe of the last 20 years. Of course, with the height of Jen-An's career being perky, sassy and top telly fashionista Rachel Green, that makes them both the 90's queen. 

She rocked that plaid mini skirt and knee highs in ways no one else could and made loungewear look desirable. Don't even get me started on the hair!

Everything was pulled off with an effortless essence of cool, she made dungarees seem appealing and sun without looking like a giant adult baby, who'd have thought it, eh?

It's surreal that a tv character has been such a style icon over the past 20 years and influenced many.

Take a look at some of Rachel Green's finer moments.

Trendsetter Tuesday has changed slightly this month, you can keep up on Pinterest instead and swoon over a bunch more images that what I usually show you! Fear not, all back Trendsetters will be featured on there too with many more snaps too. Hope you enjoy the new feature!

SB xo
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Ps. who can believe that Rachel would have just turned 45?!

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