Monday 8 June 2015


There are those cities in the world that make my heart skip a beat no matter how many times I visit, and London? Well London right at the top of that list.

2 weeks back I took to the city on my own for the first time (ever!) to see one of my favourite bands live for possibly the last time (sob sob sob). My mind was reeling with places I wanted to go, things to do and truth be told, I didn't think I'd have time to breathe let alone do everything I wanted to. So maybe spending the Friday afternoon curled up on a double Travelodge bed, eating Yorkie's and watching Graceland, wasn't what I had in mind but after a tiring Paris trip, walking around Covent Garden in boots that crushed my feet and carrying an oversized bag that weighed a tonne, who can blame me?

I'd like to point out that I am still buzzing from seeing one of my favourite albums ever performed live in full and meeting the lovely guys from Cartel. I managed to gush to them about how their music carried me through my teens, how I've adored them since I was twelve years old and best of all, had a good old chat with them, especially Kevin who is def my new fave person. Can you say, besties? 

 London also presented me with my new favourite place, possibly ever - is that much? This place above is actual heaven in a shop, yeah really. I feel like they managed to create everything I wanted in one place without me realising I actually wanted it! You can drink tea, eat cake and listen to some of the greatest musicals tracks ever written and recorded. If that wasn't awesome enough, they have free wifi, iPads on every table and you can request any song you like. I could kiss the person who put on Goodbye from Catch Me If You Can, I totally didn't squeal and beam like the sun.

If you're heading into the city and you're around the Shaftesbury Avenue area, I definitely recommend you head in, even if just for the delicious Pecan, Honey & Banana cake. 

You can find the cafe just opposite the Queen's Theatre, the home of Les Miserables.

July cannot come quick enough when I can properly explore London - and eat a lot more of that cake!

SB xo
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