Sunday 4 January 2015


5 weeks have passed since my 21st birthday and it dawned on me that I am yet to share my birthday gifts with you lovely people. Not literally, obviously. 

I did debate throwing the idea out but this year I promised to keep blogging consistently so it seems right to share just some of my gifts with you.
Basically my best friend is the greatest person in the world and bought me these things that I was hopelessly lusting after, and even bought my favourite tea and customised a mug for me with my favourite lyrics on! Seriously, isn't 1989 the best album ever?!
How beautiful are these pieces of jewellery? I sort of cheated a little, my mum gifted me the ring for my birthday but I received bracelet for Christmas, but it should have been a birthday gift too so we'll just move on. I'm a sucker for beautiful jewellery and I feel so swish in these. 
The mental thing is, I received all of the shambala jewellery from different people who all managed to select something different from the range! To be honest, two people knew what the other was buying but a friend of mine made a very lucky guess and bought something different from the collection! I love to mix & match so now I can do it with my jewellery too. 
It's no secret I'm a bit of a One Direction fan (okay, I'm a bit obsessed but shh), the first time I tried their new fragrance I was quite disappointed as I loved their previous two, but after a couple more sprays, I became unhealthily obsessed with it. It's lucky I worked in a fragrance shop for a couple of months because I wore this everyday without even having a bottle of my own! Fave fave fave. 
This was an absolute shock of a present. As soon as I opened the gift bag from my nana, I nearly cried at the sight of a Dior bag, completely confused I unwrapped it from the Dior tissue paper (OMFG) and bought this beautiful perfume. It's not something I had asked for, nor had I tried it, but as soon as I did I was in love. I felt so spoilt!
Originally my godmother wanted to buy me this Crosley record player and the George Ezra 'Wanted On Voyage' vinyl, but after struggling she gave me the money and printed the webpage of both items, telling me the money was to purchase them. How thoughtful and incredible is that? So far I've bought the player, just not my precious George vinyl yet!

All in all, it was a pretty successful birthday, that's without all of the money I received (that's why there aren't as many presents here because I mostly received money)!

What things are you asking for for your birthday this year?

SB xo
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  1. I'm obsessed with 1989 at the minute! Ooh what a coincidence your friend got you something to match, the girl's got good taste ;)

    Glad you had a fab birthday Sam!

    Rachael xo


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