Tuesday 20 January 2015


Since the devastating demise of Company's publication last October, I found myself saddened with only the constant promise of Vogue each month. Whilst I love the lavish clothes and the disgustingly beautiful designs that line it's pages, let's be real, I'm a twenty-one year old on a minimum wage. I'm in no position to spend £500 on a Moschino sweater or £1400 on a Saint Laurent bag (even if it's my favourite thing in the world).

I needed something with affordable fashion that wouldn't leave me bankrupt until the age of forty.
Truth be told, the moment I clapped eyes on issue #1 of Hello Fashion Monthly in the magazine section of WH Smith, I felt like my prayers had been answered.
 With just the right amount of info, text and images, I was stunned by its mere £1 price tag. I figured it was a trial price but as the month ran into the next, I found the price had stayed the same!
At £12 a year, you can't pass up this awesome inspiring slice of fashion. It combines high street and high end, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

It might just leave room for me to subscribe to Porter or Elle!
Well done Hello!, you've really excelled yourself this time.

Do any of you lovely readers read this magazine?

Ps. There have actually been 3 issues but I've misplaced the latest issue, ooops!

SB xo
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