Sunday 11 January 2015


Once again I found myself distracted with life to post this Christmas infused post, as I write I have one eye on my laptop and one eye on The Voice. Pretty sure I just want to keep looking at Rita & Ricky.

Christmas was another quiet one as usual, just lazing around with my mum and nan, eating food and watching television, opening presents, overdosing on chocolate and a roast dinner. Isn't Christmas time the best?!

It wasn't until around one-thirty in the afternoon that the three of us actually started opening presents, as I've got older I've really started to appreciate a chilled morning though. Did I mention I love chilling? 
Truth be told, I didn't realise I had put so many books on my Pinterest wish list but I was so chuffed to receive them. Actually the Primrose Bakery book was a cheeky surprise from my best friend.

I'm so excited to use the Candy Pop film in my Instax camera! Also, who doesn't love perfume, false nails, CD's and DVD's for Christmas!

Seriously, how insanely cute are these? If there are three things I love, they are; Minnie Mouse, fashion and blogging, so this range from Tesco seems like it was made for me. I can't wait to use them for my planning this year.

I bought this the day after it was reduced from £60 to £29, it was a seasonal offer at Boots. Fast forward two weeks to Boxing Day and my godmother gifted me this too! Thankfully Boots accepted the return and I am so terribly grateful that this was gifted to me. I love Soap and Glory and I love that these are all full size products.

I started using Real Techniques brushes last year, after falling in love with the Stippling Brush, I had to put some more brushes on my wishlist. I was itching for the Expert Face Brush but I've been using the Multi Task Brush so much more than I expected. For someone not very au fait with make-up, I couldn't live without RT brushes.
I've mentioned how wonderful my best friend is (once or twice) before, but just before my birthday we were discussing our dreams of opening a coffee shop/bakery together. After banding many ideas around, she told me she had a bunch of ideas of what to buy me for Christmas, of course I was intrigued but I was so shocked to find these. Along with these wonderful pastel (!) baking goodies, she bought me the Primrose Bakery book and Daisy Lowe's 'Sweetness & Light' book so I'm all set to bake! She did also buy me Lush's 'Snow Fairy shower gel which is the greatest product in the world and the Bubblegum lip scrub as well as a bath bomb.

I was so terribly spoilt (I definitely didn't photograph everything I received) but oh so grateful for what I received. Thank you to everyone who helped make Christmas wonderful.

How was your Christmas? What did you get?

SB xo
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