Sunday 7 September 2014


Hello all, sorry it's been so long since I kept a regular pace with blogging, alas things have been busy and I've been holding back until I could unveil my new blog name and URL!

Tea and Topshop has been bothering me for a while, it can be an off putting name for brands to want to work with me and let's face it, using Topshop's name is copyright so I'd never be able to have the domain name.

I purchased the domain around a month ago and I found that now is the time I am comfortable with reinventing my blog (minus the layout, I'm sorry it's so bland but I'm working on it! I just couldn't waste anymore time not blogging) so here I am!

I'm currently also working on having all of my Bloglovin' followers transferred back over so we can all be on the same page again and won't that be just swell.

So, welcome Alright Sunshine!

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