Monday 25 August 2014


It was six twenty-seven on a drab Saturday morning, and I was pondering what to wear for my day trip. I'd like to first point out that I was awake for work and not a stupidly early commute.

The debate of a leather skirt and long denim coat was versing a pair of checkered trousers and a leather jacket (non of which I eventually wore), when I was suddenly hit with the realisation that the majority of the outfit formation was based on whose company I was keeping that day.

It sounds silly, and I feel that I shouldn't be influenced so easily. But the truth is, I am. And I'm sure I'm not alone.

A day with a style blogger is interesting and harder than you would think. It should be easy when you can wear what you want with little to no judgement. However, in the situation where I was to meet some fellow style bloggers, I was unsure whether to dress up a little more - try harder - or simply dress casually because guess what, they know how you dress and they won't judge you if you show up in jeans, converse and a sweater.

I've still struggled in the past. Tried to be cool, smart, casual and everything in between.

Another debate comes when you're meeting your best friend, even though you're out in another city for the day, do you go shopping chic or casual? It's the fear of looking too different to your friend and contrasting too much.

Will they be dressed casual or smarter?

Will I look too over the top or will I look terrible in comparison?

What about meeting someone with little fashion interest, what do you wear to meet them?

Finding a balance is so much harder than one would think. I envy those with a wardrobe for every occasion.

I can't give you a solution, but at our age, should we be gaining worry wrinkles on our foreheads because we don't want to look out of place? I think not.

You should probably don dress pants and Chucks just in case.

What are your thoughts?

Stay amazing xox
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