Monday 28 July 2014


Today I realised that it has been 4 months since I last shared an outfit post and I felt terrible and disappointed that I had let time pass by so quickly. (Things have been slow but I'm working on my blog again now, hurrah!). This evening I also bought my very first DSLR Nikon camera so hopefully this will bring good things for my blog and will enable me to present a lot more content to you. Double hurrah!

A few weeks back I took one of many shopping trips to Liverpool and as the summer is proving to be very hot in England right now, it's hard finding that balance with clothes, we simply aren't used to this heat. Thankfully it was in the late 20's like it has been this past week. I opted for my denim hotpants as I love love love them and they are super comfortable, my new lace panel tee, some adorable ribbon frilled socks, my cheap and cheerful jelly shoes and my fave fave fave backpack. I'll admit, it was only walking down the high street in Liverpool that I realise I has accidentally stepped out as a Topshop advert. Minus the shoes.
Lace Panel Tee - Topshop 
MOTO Hotpants - Topshop
Ribbon Socks - Topshop
Glitter Jelly Shoes - Primark
Faux Leather Backpack - Topshop

These are very basic images but I wanted to share something with you. Hope you enjoyed!

Stay amazing xox

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