Tuesday 22 April 2014


If you aren't familiar with this week's Trendsetter Tuesday, then you're definitely about to be. This Brit-American actress slash model, and daughter of musician Phil Collins, is Hollywood's latest and hottest starlet.

After minor acting and presenting roles on 90210 and Nickelodeon, respectively, she received worldwide recognition in 2012 after starring alongside Julia Roberts in the modern Snow White 'Mirror Mirror'.

Since then she has gone on to star in The Mortal Instruments with ex-boyfriend, fellow Brit and Burberry poster boy Jamie Campbell Bower.

As well as her acting career, Miss Collins has certainly made waves with her style and those divine thick brows. Step aside Cara D.

Whilst Lily is, more often than not, seen in monochrome ensembles, or fully black, she's not shy of incorporating a splash of colour, looking effortless whilst doing so. 

Fedoras, camel coats and sandals on a walk around the city? Why not.

(She really needs to pass that Givenchy sweater on to me too)

What is your favourite Lily outfit?

Stay amazing xox
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  1. She has such great style !



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