Tuesday 1 April 2014


The bonus of being borderline obsessed with a well dressed girl group is that I have four girls I can look to for style inspiration, and not just one. Cue Miss Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, the second LM girlband-er to be feature on TT.

Something I adore about her style is the diverse range of garments she chooses, she covers both ends of the spectrum. She can sport a pink dress, heels and flower crown, just as well as she can wear tartan and Dr Martens. 

It's almost shocking how many items I have purchased, or nearly purchased, and later found a picture of Perrie wearing the same item. We're clearly very in sync with each other. 

It most certainly helps to 'steal her style' when she wears clothes straight off the rail in Topshop, Motel, River Island, ASOS, Zara and American Apparel. She's daring and experimental with her style, it's hard to predict what she'll wear next, sure you could maybe guess a pair of shoes or a shirt, maybe a coat she's already worn frequently, but she definitely keeps us all on our toes.

Her more causal style is still flawless and effortless, she looks chic yet exciting to the audience that view her. It's a reachable style for those who look up to her and aspire to dress like her. 

She wears dresses and jumpsuits so well, she manages to remain classy in such garments, always having the right footwear to pair it off nicely, and round the outfit off in a neat, cute and sophisticated way.

One of my ultimate favourite trends is joggers, or lounge trousers, paired with strappy heels. It brings a new dynamic to a more casual style, remaining comfortable, yet still once again, sophisticated. And she looks killer in it!

Overall, I adore Perrie's style, and over the past year or so it has completely turned around and I adore that she's having more free reign over what she wears, as are the other three girls in the band. 

I definitely recommend scrolling through a few Perrie Edwards style blogs on  Tumblr for a clearer view of her fashion sense. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Stay amazing xox
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  1. I totally agree!! Her style is just amazing !!
    Elizabeth x


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