Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I'll admit, I was unsure who to choose this week, but after a very selective arrow key bashing and closing my eyes, I landed on Ms Jamil. Jameela like to dabble in a variety of fields, but her main duties are being a Radio 1 DJ (UK Top 40), a presenter (ex-T4), having her own column in (my favourite mag) Company and being a fabulous trendsetter!

Jameela is a lady I feel like I've seen around the media industry for years, but I don't have a distinct memory of when it was that I actually first knew of her existence. It probably had something to do with T4 though (RIP). 

Over the past year, I've adored her column, she's hilarious and quirky and doesn't put up with people's rubbish, she tells it like it is and I really admire her for it. Be sure to have a hearty read next time you pick up the mag!

Check out some of my favourite JJ outfits from the past couple of years!
The first outfit here comes from one of the days of LFW. Doesn't she look killer in this schoolgirl chic set?
This has to be one of my favourite outfits I've seen in some time. It's super cute and fun, whilst still being mature with the pale blue heels and a blazer. It takes it from childish to more playful.

(That final image was a great excuse to showcase Greg James too. I'm a little obsessed. Only a little.m Plus Jameela looks so cute in that outfit!)
I adore this so much, it's so summery and boho, perfect for a festival! Plus, that heart shaped straw bag is amazing.

The wonderful think about Jameela's style is that she's very distinctive without being over the top, she's playful yet smart, experimental but chic. Overall, she varies with what she wears and does not categorise herself.

Jameela Jamil, you earned your TT place my love.

Who do you think should be featured in TT in the near future?

Stay amazing xox
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  1. I LOVE Jameela... She's so cute and quirky! xxx


  2. I love her style too! so unusual and cool X



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