Sunday 16 March 2014


If you follow me on Instagram or Tumblr, then you'll know that I should have posted this yesterday, (actually I originally said Thursday/Friday but we'll ignore that). However, I was very busy all day and found no time to collate the images and produce this post. So, sorry.

I bought this sweater a few weeks back (you'll know this if you saw my haul post) after my good friend Kat wanted one, seeing as I was picking it up for her, I figured I'd grab one myself! It's super comfy, although I think mine was sewn a little weird because the arm holes are very small, but for the price, I can let it slide.

I went for a simple yet smart look with this, It's comfortable enough but still leaves me feeling smart enough and not too casual. Perfect for lunch with friends or a shopping day.
This is my wonderful Zara Office City Bag dupe from Primark. For £12, it's a bargain!
Blouse - Topshop
Jeans - George @ Asda
Sweater - Primark
Bag - Primark
Jacket - H&M
Shoes - Topshop

I love that the sweater can be worn with anything, overall the whole outfit is super comfortable.

Stay amazing xox
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