Tuesday 25 February 2014


It would appear that every person and their dog have heard of the Delevingne sisters, and if you're the rare one who has no clue who Poppy Delevingne is, then you'll sure know her successful little sister Cara. 

Poppy is Cara's 27 year old model/socialite sister, also known for her impeccable style.

I always saw this D sister floating around on my Tumblr dashboard and didn't seem to recognise her blonde locks or strong jawlined face. I'm pretty sure I won't forget it again.

You'll always be sure to find this Delevingne front row at the hottest fashion show around. 

Take a look at some of her finest moments.
She always looks so effortless and flawless, like she threw something simple on and it magicked itself in a gorgeous arrangement. Stunning.

What are your thoughts on Poppy and her style?

Stay amazing xox
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Ps. I just really love her name. I had a fish called Poppy so it's a v strong name.

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