Tuesday 28 January 2014


This week sees a slight deviation in my original plan, someone else was to fill week #6 of Trendsetter Tuesday, however with the return of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on our screens last Sunday, it only seemed appropriate to choose one of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. What better way to kick off family list of trendsetters than the youngest Jenner, Kylie?

I've known for some time that she has some kick-ass style, but it actually took me searching for her photos for me to realise just how fantastic she is. So much so that I changed this weeks TT for the third time (my earlier revised option was Kendall Jenner).

Kylie is rarely seen without a CĂ©line bag, some killer sunnies and black clothing. I think that's what draws me in the most. She shares my penchant for black. 

In the past 4 hours, she has had me hooked.

It was hard choosing a bold selection of her outfits, something that truly represented her, it would take me days to scour the internet. There is such a vast amount of images because she is so heavily followed by the paparazzi, tv cameras and the amount of photos taken by herself and her family. I suppose all of that lends a heavy hand in also helping me find what I did. Both a blessing and a curse. 

But below are outfits that stood out to me, they captured my attention and had me craving for her figure, and family allowance for clothing. She breaks her family's stereotypes with her sisters all having a prettier and girlier sense of style, Kylie sticks to what sets her apart. She doesn't care if she's wearing her Balenciaga cut out boots or a pair of Dr Martens, she likes leather and bold lipstick. 

It's almost hard to believe she's only 16 years old. Almost.
Kylie isn't afraid to experiment and be daring. She knows who she is, but she doesn't define herself to one set style. Take one of the images above for example, she's wearing a white short sleeved shirt with pale blue trousers and black heeled sandals, nothing that screams the other side of her style. I think that's amazing.

I can see quite a lot of my personal style in her and maybe subconsciously (or coincidentally) I found her inspiring before I really took note of what I saw her wear. Now I can make the conscious effort next time I'm shopping. Would Kylie wear this? How would she wear it?

What are your thoughts on Kylie's style? 

Stay amazing xox
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  1. I love Kylie and I love her style, I also wish I had her family allowance! Oh well!! She doesn't look 16 at all! xx


  2. Hi Sam! She is a little diva for sure! By little I mean young! I do love her style! I am really not a fan of the Kardashians to be quite honest, but I do think that the younger girls are stylish and just GORGEOUS!!! The older girls have had so many things done to their faces, they look plastic! It is sad because they were so much prettier before Botox or lip enhancements! Wait, I also think that Courtney is VERY pretty and stylish! She does not appear to have altered her appearance at all ! And...BABY NORTH!!!! OMG SO MUCH CUTENESS!!! For that matter Mason and Penelope are ADORABLE too! Okay, so I say I don't like the Kardashians much, but you can tell that I do watch the show because I know all of their names and such! ( : Let me rephrase my previous statement! Kim and Khloe I am not a fan of, but I do enjoy the show very much! It is like something I can't look away from even though I feel it really isn't wholesome! ( : I don't feel the need to be wholesome 100% of the time! I think Bruce looks really freaky with all of his plastic surgery too! He looked much better before, in my opinion! I don't know why aging is such a horrible thing to Hollywood?! No matter the Kardashian/Jenner's, you wrote an AMAZING blog Sam! I really love the photos you chose and used too! (:


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