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This gal is turning 24 today (excuse me, I swear I only turned 18 last year) and whilst I like to share random tidbits about myself all over different social media accounts, I've got a cheeky little list of stuff you might not know just yet.

Warning; I'm loaded with pointless info and even more pointless trivia on rubbish that doesn't matter. (This is quite possibly my 25th point)

24 AT 24

1. My name is Samantha Ball. Yeah I know, you're probably wondering why I'm giving you the most obvious info that you can find anywhere, but my name is just that. No middle name, nothing funky, just a plain ol' Jane name. I may whinge about it from time to time, but it's me.

2.  Born in 1993. Due in 1994. That's right, this post shouldn't be seeing the light of day for another seven weeks, alas I was just too eager to make my grand entrance to the world. Soz mum.

3. 300+ concerts?! It's no secret to those who know me that my teens were spent at multiple concerts a week during tour seasons. Back in 2012 I reckoned I'd been to at least 300 gigs by that point so I haven't got a clue now where that figure stands. My highest number of shows on one tour was 7 during Kids In Glass Houses' Farewell Tour. (Total # of KIGH shows done by their final gig? Fifty-Eight)

4. My first concert was Steps in 1999. Back when Manchester Arena was still the MEN and I wasn't quite 6 years old. Mum started me young.

5. Got onstage with 30 Seconds to Mars. After a few failed attempts, I finally did this one at Cardiff Arena in 2010. Yes, I cried a ridiculous amount. The icing on the cake was it being the day before my 17th birthday!

6. The Odd TV Mixture. In case I haven't mentioned somewhere at some point, I watch an absurd amount of TV shows, I'm a hefty binge watcher and the genres know no bounds. In fact, my two favourite TV shows are The OC & Peaky Blinders. Eh, what?

7. I was once interviewed for Radio 1. Back in 2010, after queueing from about 4am to see 30 Seconds to Mars in Lincoln on the Radio 1 Student Tour, I was interviewed by Fearne Cotton (seven years on and I'm STILL freaking out about it!). Pretty sure I never heard it back because I'd cringe waaay too much, but it's still a pretty neat story to tell.

8. A bit obsessed. Whenever I find a new thing I like, I quite literally become obsessed with it, live, eat, breathe it for a few months (in some cases a good year). I have a really addictive personality.

9. I make playlists for EVERYTHING. Actually, you can probably class that under the obsession heading too. Need chilled study music? I got ya covered. Not sure what to listen to on a nighttime flight? Look no further.

10. Living in Cardiff. I’ve wanted to live in Cardiff since my first visit back 2009, I never imagined that in 2016 I’d start calling it home. 

11. My love of The Lion King. As you can see from the above left pictures, I really love my Simba teddy which has been in my life since my 2nd Christmas. Rumour has it (from my mum) I used to watch the video 3 times a day until I worse my first VHS (LOLZ) out. 

12. Meeting McFly. This was the most incredible thing to happen to me at age 11, I’m still in awe!

13. Food faves. My ultimate fave meal has to be my mums roast dinner, that never gets old, I’d happily eat it everyday for the rest of my life. Minus the clean up. This is closely followed by chicken fried rice and prawn crackers because chinese food is my weakness.

14. Live music abroad. Two highlights of my life have to be going to Paris to see My Chemical Romance and Helsinki to see 30 Seconds to Mars.

15. Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. My fave film is still Back to the Future, followed by Girl, Interrupted (because Angelina Jolie & Winona Ryder).

16. That time I met Brandon Flowers. One of the biggest pinch me moments, back on his solo tour in 2011, that left me in floods of tears. He was so sweet, had just stepped on his tour bus and was saying goodbye to fans when we appeared. He saw us, stepped off the bus and had pictures with mum and I. I’ve never smiled so much.

17. The budgie cage incident. Back in my early years I got locked in a full sized budgie cage with my friend which was extra terrifying and clearly still haunts me.

18. The tattoos. So this is a bit of a cop out, but my very first tattoo was a triad on my wrist for 30 Seconds To Mars and my second was XIX (roman numerals for 19) because I love that number (amongst a few other reasons). I still get asked about them so here ya go.

19. Just call me Alexa. During a fair portion of my teens years I really wanted to change my name to Alexa because I adore Alexa Chung and thing she has a pretty ace name. It’s fine, I’m (mostly) over it now. 

20. Southport Rosebud Competition. Yeah, ya girl over here entered this is my early days (it was kinda a big deal in this town when I was younger and started in the 1950’s, maybe even earlier!)

21. Line Dancing Extraordinaire. Er, okay so maybe not quite, but around the age of 6/7 I took up line dancing to follow in my mamas steps, and despite her kind words about me, I wasn’t no pwnerre near as good as her.

22. The dream professions. We all have a million different careers paths we want from all young age and I was certainly no exception. Things I aspired to be over the years; choreographer, singer, cashier,  travel agent, hairdresser, archaeologist, teacher, sound engineer, nurse, and finally a fashion stylist. But who knows what the future holds, eh?

23. The Peaky Blinders cardboard cutout. We have half a cutout of Polly Grey in our uni flat kitchen. Why you ask? Why not.

24. I’m spending my 24th birthday in Paris. This is quite literally a dream come true.

After starting this, I possibly reached fact #4 when I realised how dreadfully boring my life would be without music seeing as they make up a fair few points. But there you have it, 24 things for 24 years.

S xo
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  1. I had to look up what a budgie cage is... I learn so much from you!


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