Sunday 1 May 2016


It's Bank Holiday weekend, and whilst I'm a Bitter Betty over the fact I'm working BH Monday, a nice chilled weekend makes it all that more bearable. 

It's been 3 months now and I'm still excited when I think about a free weekend, after 7 and a half years of 6am starts every other weekend, it still feels like the biggest privilege.

Obviously every Saturday and Sunday are different but I also have formed new rituals which make my weekends feel more productive and enjoyable. No morning rush, no lugging bails of newspapers and best of all, no alarm clock!

I love to wake up early, grab a cup of tea before heading back to bed to really wake myself up. The warmth is something I'm way too attached to so I like cocooning myself back into my duvet whilst watching something on Netflix or catching up on the latest blog posts on Bloglovin'.

On really special weekends I'll grab a big bowl of cornflakes, the biggest mug of Yorkshire, consume it all in bed and fall asleep until a more reasonable time of morning - or afternoon, ahem.

Lately I've been so into exercise, I try to do the 10 Minute Victoria's Secret workout at least 3-4 nights a week, only because my thighs and bum are dead so any more would probably kill me off! Weekend's allow me more time to hit the Zumba, workout or even a walk which helps motivate me for the coming week.

Although I used to only work for the maximum of 3 hours a day when I worked weekends, I find I have so much more free time now. First of all I still don't have great lie-ins because of my ridiculous body clock so I find I'm up early ready to start to the day, so afternoons have a little more spare time to actually take pictures for my blog which was definitely a rarity a few months back.

With working full time during the week, weekends are the only time I can have proper sunlight for my blog photos so I now like to make the most of it.

In the afternoon - if I've not been lazy all morning - I like to drink tea and eat a pastry or something tasty whilst catching up on The Flash (Barry Allen is my hero) because why not? And yes, I drink waaaaaaay too much tea. Sorry not sorry.

Finishing the day with blog planning makes me motivated and stops me stressing on a Monday because I need to start planning something for the week. I use my Google calendar, and my iPad one, to plan what I'm writing, photographing and posting, and when I'm doing them. It's worked a treat these past 2 weeks because now I'm super organised for my holiday!

So that's how I spend my days off, it's most definitely time to exercise now, or maybe eat more popcorn, binge on Saving Hope and drink Snowball's.

What are your weekend rituals?

S xo
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