Friday 18 September 2015


As usual, I'm late. By late I mean I'm late to the proverbial party, sharing information way after everyone else. It's sort of just become my non-official 'thing'.

So I'm going to cast my mind back to a much earlier point in my life, and by that I genuinely mean 2 weeks ago. Trying to recall something when I'm sat on a coach, starting at Turkish sites in the sweltering heat is no easy feat, but someone's gotta do it, right? (Did you know going off on a tangent is another one of my 'things'?)

I'll start by explaining how the wonderful bloggers North West Meet came to light. The sweetest babes Sammy & Katie organised a super cool afternoon for us creative types 'oop north' (okay, we're not that far north) to hang out, make friends, watch smashing demos and most importantly, network whilst having fun.

Well to be fair, the MOST important thing was raising money for the meet up partnering charity, The Recovery Bag Project, altogether we raised a brilliant amount in the big raffle.

I'll admit, I very nearly cancelled on the day because I was crazy nervous, people and I don't mesh well together, especially ones I don't know (#internalfreakout) however I'm so glad I pushed myself to go because I had tonnes of fun. And made some new friends!

We all met at the local train station of Bank Hall and walked to The Secret Warehouse which was the most unusual place but perfect inside for the event.

It's so exciting that they were able to get Lush on board and Megan & Martin gave a talk and demo on some of their products, explaining how to get the best out of them.
Megan & Martin from Lush
W7 were wonderful enough to supply a load of lipstick for us girls to paint our lips for our kissing wall card where we left our lip prints and blog URLs.
Shoutout to these brands for getting involved, blk waterPropercornGreen & BlacksJust BeeThe Cake Days and The Primal Pantry.
The outside roof terrace was so pretty and relaxing, perfect in the sunshine.
These props were super cute, do many selfies were made.
Like this.
Of course us ladies took major advantage of tie beautiful full length mirror and the Instagram frame prop.
This Material Culture shared they're divine jewellery (I was so so tempted by the Paris, New York and Traveller pieces)
Girls on Film supplied some great boxy crop tees for us all to help ourselves to.
Look at all of these incredible prizes involved in the raffle! The best thing is that we all won something.

All in all, the day as so wonderful and I'm so glad I was able to be a part of it.

Shout out to some of the absolute babes from the day.
Jemma, LottieEmilyNicSarahKiahKatySammy & Aisling.

SB xo
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