Tuesday 21 April 2015


For years I was pining over tablets, the electronic device not the medication - obviously, eager to have one to myself for long journeys, work, and anywhere that would require a screen smaller than my phone. But of course, money held me back, and there was always something I needed more, like a new laptop or a camera (in my case, two) so a tablet always fell by the wayside.
But in January I stumbled upon someone's Instagram photo and I saw their iPad on the Pinterest app. It looked so fun and I imagined being sat there for hours pinning picture after picture, I envisioned how perfect it would be for my blog and how I'd have everything I needed on one device that didn't require me carrying my laptop on every trip I made.

Within the week I'd made my mind up and parted with my money; not once since have I regretted the decision.

I love using the notes section to draft my blog posts text, compiling a list of post ideas and making general notes on there to go back to at a later date. It's much easier to carry my iPad around in my bag than multiple notebooks and pens for when ideas strike me or I have a quick note that needs jotting down.
Pinterest has become such an obsession of mine, the first month or two after gaining my iPad I lost so much time and sleep because I was pinning whenever I had internet. Thankfully I've calmed down but it's great when I'm watching television or seeking out images for my next Trendsetter Tuesday.

My Safari browser has multiple tabs open with different blogs on each, this is great for research, having a quick read when I'm on the go and user friendly. I find it much easier than loading everything on my laptop. The first tab is my own blog!

After my mum subscribed to Vogue on my behalf last year, I've loved reading the electronic version when I'm out and about or I'm sat in a coffee shop. Before I used to carry the current issue with me but they are so bulky aren't they? Some of the ads and text are interactive too which causes for a more interesting read.

The majority of my images are edited via VSCOcam including my Instagram snaps and my blog pictures. It's free, real user friendly and allows you to do with your images as you wish without having to pay a hefty fee for computer software that will take you months to learn!

Whenever I see an Instagram picture, a blog post, a recipe etc I like to save and screen print things for future reference. Everything is stored in my photos and then categorised into separate folders.

The other most commonly used feature on my iPad is the calendar, every pre-planned blog post, photo shoot and event is input into my calendar so I know where I'm up to and can refer to it whenever I need to. It makes the planning stage so much easier.

So there you have it, my tablet is the perfect blogging companion!

How many of you use yours for blogging? Are there any other devices or tools that you prefer?
I'd love to know, just drop me a comment below or tweet me!

SB xo
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  1. I would love to have an iPad again, maybe sometime in the future. Because I blog an awful lot too I bet they are so handy. Excellent blog post my love. xx


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