Sunday 7 May 2017


Well hey there May, you sure arrived at an alarming rate didn't ya? 

Not that I'm too fussed, I'm pretty excited for this month, it's definitely a busy one.

A few weeks back to had to restore my phone to factory settings, and whilst I had a mini inner panic about it, I was pretty certain I had everything backed up. Thankfully I was right (I think, if not it can't be too important for me not to have noticed) but it spurred me on to clear out my photo's on Dropbox, especially after trying to upload about 600 pictures minutes before I had to say bye-bye to everything still on my trust little sidekick* and ended up with tonnes of duplicates. Always the way, eh? 

*I don't actually still have a Sidekick slide phone, I'm not stuck in 2008.

The first thing that became very apparent is that I take way too many changing room selfies. Like way too many. After a quick cull I thought I may as well share 'em, what with the lack of outfit posts I'm sharing this year. I've got my fingers crossed so tight, to shoot some style shots over the summer, that I'm pretty sure I'll pop a bone out of the socket.

Ps. I LIVE for H&M fitting rooms because hello glorious bright lighting!
I wear various types of Topshop Jamie jeans far too much, I know. Here's to summer and wearing so many skirts that I'l be fed up of my tragic northern pins.

S xo

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